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CONGRATULATIONS - You're engaged!

Being in love is an awesome feeling and we love capturing that feeling in portraits.

We know that some couples think they don't need engagement portraits for several reasons, i.e., their friend has a camera, they've been together for a long time, their significant other doesn't like having their photo taken and so on.

However, there's several reasons why you really should consider having engagement portraits taken with us/the photographer that is going to be photographing your wedding.  An engagement portrait session is the perfect time for us to get to work together and learn a little about each other.  The better we know each other, the more comfortable you'll feel around us and it will truly show in your wedding day portraits.  It's also the perfect time for you to see how you're going to look in our photos - our artwork, etc.  In addition to that, these portraits can be used in your very own customized Guest Book that we offer. 

Wayne's View Photography's engagement portrait sessions last approximately 2 hours and are shot at the location of your choice (within reasonable driving distance).  In order to get the best portrait possible, we ask that you and your special someone dress in clothing colors that compliment each other.  For portrait sessions, solid clothing is always better than prints.  You are welcome to change outfits during the session if you'd like.  You may bring your pet but be sure that you have someone who can watch them when they're not in the photograph.

Come prepared to have fun and remember this session for the rest of your life!

Click HERE to find out more about our engagement sessions.