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Family sessions are so much fun! After our sessions, we hear family members expressing how easy it was, and how the time just flew by!  During the session, we get a good mix of posed and candid shots, encouraging you to laugh and kiss and play while the camera is clicking. Your session will take place at an outdoor location - and we have several favorite spots to recommend. We are always ready to try new locations too if you have something in mind! We have two types of family sessions - a mini session, which takes about thirty to 45 minutes.  We also offer a full session, lasting just over an hour in most cases, with a next day visit to our home studio to pick and choose your wall portraits.

Our style is very playful and carefree which is perfect for the beach or wooded settings. Letting the kids run around and play in the sand or near the water often makes for the best photos. 

Dress everyone in complementary color choices.  You can bring a toy or rattler for the younger kids to help get their attention and we may bring along some bribes too!

Interact with each other by hugging, kissing, and tickling!  Trust us, relax and HAVE FUN!!

Family FAQs:

What is your favorite location for family sessions?
Our favs include Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet a coupleother like places.  We also have a few "hidden gems" that we can offer, with beatiful park-like old southern settings,

AND we are always open to new locations and suggestions!

How long does a family session last?
Depending on the session you choose - under an hour to one and a half.

What shold we wear?
That’s a personal choice! I like to suggest neutral/earthy colors.  We do ask that you avoid hot pink, bright orange, and any other neon colors– they reflect poorly onto skin
tones! We think it looks best when adults wear solid colors and children wear patterns. Matching is each other is great but complimenting each other’s outfits someimes looks more appealing in portraits.

The most important thing is so feel relaxed and comfortable - and be yourselves!

We look terrible in photos, will you help us?
Absolutely! We give a lot of direction during the session. We’ll tell you whereand how to sit or stand, where to look, and what to
do. Don’t worry! The more natural and relaxed you are, the more you will LOVE your portraits.

How long after the session until we see our photos?
That again depends on the session you choose.  We typically process and send you the mini-session portriats within a few days.  These you will receive via Dropbox or a USB drive in the mail. 

For the full-session, you will view them in our home studio with a day or two of the session.


Our wall-portraits (16x20 and larger) include beautiful prints and canvases that we combine with high resolution digital files.  We offer the best finished prints in the industry, from beautiful custom Albums

and Coffee Table Books to Fine Art Canvas.

We hope we have answered your questions and prepared you for your photography session. If you have any questions about the session, please call us at
(843) 997-7248  or email us from the Contact Us Page.