It's been said that if you find a job you love
then you'll never work another day in your life. 


We're all about the total experience

Great Customer Service, Beautiful Photography & Lots of Fun
capturing your special moments that will be tomorrow's memories. Wayne's View Photography wants you to do more than just
look at your photos we want you to relive the  moments and remember the feelings through your images.

We're much more than just someone with a camera. 

Our Experience along with our Artistry and our Passion makes us truly Unique
It's that difference that truly separates us from other photographers.

Experience the difference - Experience Wayne's View Photography!


While Angie and I LOVE our state of South Carolina, we enjoy traveling all over the world.

Our passports are ready, and so are we!  Where would you like us to meet you?


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or to set up an Appointment with us

We would  to meet you!


Our photography and this website are dedicated to the memory of our beautiful son, Christopher Wayne Eggleston.